#05 Go dyeing socks

ときは18世紀の英国。 とあるサロンの女性達が知的なものを求め、男性とともに芸術、文芸の話に花を咲かせていたそうです。



「blue stockings」の誕生です。










In the 18th century Britain. It is said that certain women at a salon desired intellectual things and were enjoying a conversation about the arts and literary stories with men.

One day, One of those women threw off the traditional black-silk-stockings and put on the blue-cotton-stockings which were used as worker's socks.


People called the woman "blue stockings", then this nickname which was included a meaning of ridicule and made the woman "poster girls", and it became the name which had indicated those women at the salon.

That was a birth of "blue stockings".

In the early 20th century Japan. The idea from the distant foreign country had arrived at Tokyo in the Meiji period, and it was taken over the name of magazine "Sei-Tou" under the leadership of Raicho Hiratsuka.


That was the first literary magazine which was published by women for 5 years since 1911, despite it was banned three times during the publication period.

Our predecessors who were progressing to the new field have left the "Blue". 

A different scenery would spread out in front of them from a scenery open up by myself, even though they didn't know what will be ahead of it.


In 2017. Sabba-Can has received the "Blue" and will go dyeing socks, in order to add the color to sabbatical time which would be continued.


If you would like it, we will dye socks as a souvenir for you.




Project #05 Go dyeing socks


1.go dyeing socks blue.

2.dye socks for you.

3.send you blue socks.

4.update the archive of this project on our website.


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