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「私たちはパズルが完成する前に額を用意する必要はなく、そもそも解くべきパズルを事前に用意することもしなくていい。人と人とが集まろうとする動機は理由をつけるまでもなく、意味があるはずだから、その意味が生まれる前の時間を、最も生産性のある場として捉え直すような活動はできないだろうか。それはきっと、手を取り合って生きていくのとは少し違う、持続された各自の人生に別の時間を確保するようなもの。ひとりでは見られない景色をみようと、Sabbatical Companyはスタートをきりました。」*


* 「まえがきでもあり、サバティカルな意味では本文でもある、あとがき」より抜粋。「夕方帰宅してみると」(Milkyeast、2016)終了後に公開。

" We don't need to prepare a forehead before the puzzle is completed, nor do we need to prepare in advance the puzzle to be solved in the first place.The motivation for people to come together should be meaningful, not to mention reason, so why can't we engage in activities that recapture the time before that meaning is created as the most productive place to be? It would surely be a little different from living hand in hand, like setting aside another time in each person's life that is sustained. Sabbatical Company was started to see a view that cannot be seen alone." *

At the beginning of the formation in 2015, under the slogan "Let's spend time together before it becomes a word," we discussed that we should not name what we are doing just yet and that after 10 years, we would look back on this activity and compile the words that came out of it.
Our activity will be 10 years old in two years.
We are now in the middle of an exercise to unwind our bodies and letters in preparation for verbalizing the views we have seen.

* Excerpt from "Afterword, which is both a foreword and, in a sabbatical sense, the text. Published after the end of "Coming Home in the Evening" (Milkyeast, 2016).



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Updated : 28 January, 2024

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