#04 OR Have a good day.
#04 OR Have a good day.
#04 OR Have a good day.
#04 OR Have a good day.
#04 OR Have a good day.
#04 OR Have a good day.
#04 OR Have a good day.
#04 OR Have a good day.
#04 OR Have a good day.
#04 OR Have a good day.

photo by Shinya Kigura

​© Akiko Minowa

#04 OR Have a good day.



安息日を語源とし、専門性を磨く創造的な長期休暇を意味する Sabbatical。共にパンを食べる仲間を語源とする Company。Sabbatical Company - 通称サバカン。これは同世代4人の美術作家、杉浦藍、箕輪亜希子、益永梢子、渡辺泰子で行ういつでもサバティカルな時間をつくりだし、一人ではみれない景色をみようという目的の活動名称です。


第4弾企画「OR Have a good day.」初めての共同制作による本展覧会は、美術作家カナイサワコ氏との出会いに端を発し、メンバー2人の渡航によりお互いが物理的な距離をもったことによって生まれた#03 Session「Have a good day!」が下敷きになっています。








The 4th project “OR Have a good day”


The exhibition “OR Have a good day”, the 4th project of Sabbatical Company, was co-produced with artist Sawako Kanai. The project is based on the 3rd project “Session_Have a good day!” which was conducted under physical distance during two of us were travelling. Sabba-Can paid attention on events occurring under different time zones and discovered “sharable” whilst having a physical distance. Our intention was to find a new style of Session that worked beyond the time and space constraint by carefully listening to each own sounds and the sound of someone in the distance. Along with the accompanying event “We are almost there”, the exhibition explored the possibility of spending a Sabbatical Time together.

And we send to you, Have a good day.





展覧会「OR Have a good day.」


Sabbatical Company




reception party10月29日(土)18:00~


Open Hours

土,日/12:00 ~ 19:00



Maebashi Works 371-0022 群馬県前橋市千代田町2-7-17





主催:Maebashi Works

企画:カナイサワコ×Sabbatical company





Sabbatical Company+カナイサワコ



10月29日 (1)15:30〜 (2)17:00〜